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Green Banking
Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Promise
Green Cell or Unit
Green Products
Green Activities
Green Banking
Green Banking
As bankers, waste goes against our grain, and frugality is a natural tendency. So it just makes sense that Green Bank would lead the way in finding ways to blend our customers’ financial interests with the interests of the environment. Best of all that environmental sensibility is paying off for our clients – and for the planet.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become a preferred provider for business and personal banking products and services, the employer of choice in the markets we serve, the investment preference for investors, and a champion for a cleaner, healthier green environment.
Our Mission
Green Bank is equally committed to all of our stakeholders – customers, employees, communities and shareholders. We believe each of our constituencies is best served when all are served. Therefore, our mission is to:
Help our clients achieve economic success and financial security.
Create a place where our employees can learn, grow, prosper and be fulfilled in their work.
Make the communities where we operate better places to live and work.
Optimize the long-term return to our shareholders, while providing a safe and sound investment in a socially responsible and resource-efficient enterprise.
Our Promise
We are committed to behave in a manner that ensures the fair treatment of our stakeholders and to be a company that routinely “does the right thing.” We make these promises:
To behave in an ethical manner in all transactions and interactions.
To act in environmentally and socially-responsible ways to support and strengthen the communities where we operate.
To be responsive, accessible and timely.
Make the communities in which we work better places to live.
To have proper compliance processes measures and goals for achieving and surpassing all regulatory and legal requirements.
Green Cell or Unit
Mr. Md. Mushfiqur Rahman, SEVP & Head of SME, Agri Business, Retail Business, Green Banking Cell
& Liability Marketing Division
Mr. Md. Mahmudul Haque, SEVP & Head of Investment
Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, EVP & Head of IT
Mr. Md. Monzurul Alam Chowdhury, EVP & Corporate Division-I
Mr. Md. Mahbubur Rasheed, SVP & Head of CSD
Ms. Rumana Kutubuddin, SVP & Investment Division
Mr. Mohammed Ashfaqul Hoque, SVP & SME & Agri Investment Division
Mr. Md. Bahar Mahmud, SVP & Corporate Division-II
Mr. Ashraful Azim, VP & Head of RMD
Mr. Md. Jafar Sadeq, SAVP & Head of FAD (CC)
Mr. Md. Manzur Rahman, JAVP & Coordinator of Green Banking Cell, Investment Division
Green Products
The followings are some example of Green Products:
Finance for Farmers named as “Krishan”:
This facility will be allowed to farmer for purchasing highly productive seeds, fertilizer (green and environmentally friendly) and arranging irrigation.
Finance for farmer for tree plantation named as “Shobujayon”:
This facility will be allowed for plantation in vacant lands that are not used for crops.
Finance for handicraft and jute products names as “Kutir”:
This facility will be allowed for entrepreneurs for handicraft and jute products made out of natural material that will replace plastic and polythin products which are not disposable to the environment.
Finance for re-cycle industry named as “Rupantor”:
This facility will be allowed for entrepreneurs of re-cycle industry made out of waste goods such as used paper, wood, glass, tin-pots, plastic bottles to make the environment clean and waste-management.
Finance for solar-panel named as “Shobuj-Shokti”:
This facility will be allowed for house-holds, industries and business places for use of solar panel within the city and the rural off-grid areas to reduce of electricity.
Finance for industries names as “Shobuj Shilpo”:
This facility will be allowed to the industries that are having waste management plant/arrangement and those that are not involved with any activities against environment.
Finance for ETP plants names as “Shobuj poribesh”
This facility will be allowed for installing ETP plants that makes the environment clean and green.
Finance for smokeless brick making technology:
This facility will be allowed to the Brick fields that are using smokeless brick making technology (ZIG-ZAG) to replace the old traditional method to reduce carbon emission.
Finance for new technologies for manufacturing alternative burner/cooker and fuel:
Micro finance will be allowed to the Bio-gas plants, manufacturer of alternative cooker and fuel out of used coal and husk to be used in lieu of fire-wood that will save the trees.
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