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Account Services Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts (Mtd)
Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts (Mtd)
Amount & the period of Mudaraba Term Deposit
  1. Mudaraba Term Deposit Account shall be opened for a fixed period varying from 90 days, 180 days, 360 days or above and are payable at a fixed date of maturity.

  2. Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts can be opened with a minimum deposit of Tk.2,000/.
Rate of profit
Profit on Mudaraba Term Deposit Account shall be at rates fixed by Head office from time to time depending on their period of maturity. Deposit of Longer duration naturally earns higher return at higher weightage.
Profit on Mudaraba Term Deposit Account shall be payable at maturity of the deposits. The customers will have the option of withdrawing profit accumulated at maturity or on half yearly basis or may leave the profit with the principal.
Separate contract
  1. Each time a Mudaraba Term Deposit Account is opened it shall be considered as a separate contract and various deposits in the name of the same depositor or in the name of the members of the same family shall not be treated as one deposit.

  2. The depositors of this category also give their explicit consent in writing, through acceptance of rules, appearing on reverse of AOF, governing such deposit to the Bank to invest the same in any business it deems fit according to the principles of Islamic Shariah.
* For Schedule of Profit Rate, please click here Schedule of Profit Rate
* For details, please contact nearest SJIBL Branch.
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