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Account Services
Al Wadiah Current Deposits (ACD)
Mudaraba Saving Deposits (MSD)
Mudaraba Term Deposits (MTD)
Mudaraba Short Notice Deposits (MSND)
Account Services Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit Accounts (Msnd)
Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit Accounts (Msnd)
Period of Notice
  1. The deposits held in these accounts shall be payable on short notice period but the notice must not be less than 7 days.

  2. The deposits may be accepted for the period and rates of profit are fixed by Head Office from time to time.
    1. Profit shall be paid only for each day held, but profit on notice period will be forfeited; if withdrawn without notice.
    2. Profit on MSND account shall be applied on half yearly basis (i.e. June & December each year)
Kinds of Accounts
Branches may open any of the following kinds of accounts:
  1. Accounts of Individuals.
  2. Joint Accounts.
  3. Proprietary Concerns.
  4. Partnership Concerns.
  5. Accounts of Private Limited Companies.
  6. Accounts of Public Limited Companies/Corporations/ Autonomous bodies.
  7. Trust Accounts.
  8. Accounts of Liquidators
  9. Accounts of Societies, Associations, Clubs,
  10. Accounts of Local Authorities. etc.
* For Schedule of Profit Rate, please click here Schedule of Profit Rate
* For details, please contact nearest SJIBL Branch.
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