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Chittagong Zone
1. Agrabad Branch
Mr. Rashed Sarwar
Executive Vice President
104, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong
Phone: 01755556105, 01755556205, 031-2523051-3 ,2517781,2
Fax: 031-716960
[email protected]
Opening Date: 30 Mar, 2002
2. Anderkilla Branch
Mr. Mohammed Sahab Uddin
Sr. Assistant Vice President
Pubali Art Press Bhaban (1st floor), 320 Anderkilla, Chittagong
Phone: 01755556180, 031-2869703(Dir), 031-2869701-2(PABX)
Fax: 031-2869703
[email protected]
Opening Date: 28 Nov, 2012
3. Ashugonj Branch
Mr. Mohammad Masud Karim Chowdhury
First Assistant Vice President
Doctor Plaza, 1st Floor, Kachari Road, Ashuganj, Brahman Baria
Phone: 01755556144, 01755556244, 0852-874103,874104
Fax: 0852-874104
[email protected]
Opening Date: 16 Nov, 2009
4. Bandartila Branch
Mr. Mohammed Eskander Alam
Vice President
Zalal Plaza (2nd Floor), 311 Bondor Tila, Soilors Clolony, Chittagong
Phone: 01755556162, 01755556262, 031741174, 741214,741203
Fax: 031-741195
[email protected]
Opening Date: 28 Dec, 2010
5. Brahmanbaria Branch
Mr. Md. Masudul Hoque
Assistant Vice President
City Center Shopping Complex (3rd Floor), 1072 Court Road, Bramonbaria
Phone: 01755556159, 01755556259, 0851-61270, 0851-61170
Fax: 0851-61370
[email protected]
Opening Date: 22 Dec, 2010
6. Chawkbazar Branch
Mr. Md. Soyeb Islam Chowdhury
Sr. Assistant Vice President
2 Chawkbazar, Kapashgola Road, Chittagong
Phone: 01755556146, 01755556246, 0312-8652812,2865283
Fax: 0312-865284
[email protected]
Opening Date: 21 Dec, 2009
7. Chowmuhani Branch
Mr. Mahbubur Rahman
Assistant Vice President
Ali Bhaban (2nd & 3rd Floor), 1523 Karimpur Road, Chowmuhani, Begumganj, Noakhali
Phone: 01755556163, 01755556263, 032156646
Fax: 032156645
[email protected]
Opening Date: 29 Dec, 2010
8. Comilla Branch
Md. Humayun Kabir Mia
Sr. Assistant Vice President
Salahuddin Complex(1st & 2nd Floor), Monohorpur, Chowmuhoni, Laksam Road, Comilla
Phone: 01755556142, 01755556242, 081-61655, 081-61645
Fax: 081-61545
[email protected]
Opening Date: 03 Nov, 2009
9. Cox's Bazar Branch
Mr. Mohammed Ehsan
Assistant Vice President
A. B. Super Market (1st Floor), 145 Laldighirpar, Cox's Bazar
Phone: 01755556150, 01755556250, 0341-52031,52030
Fax: 0341-52032
[email protected]
Opening Date: 29 Dec, 2009
10. Dashgharia Branch
Mr. Zobayer Ahmad
Executive Officer
Nur Shopping Complex, Paniwala Road, Dashgharia Bazar, Chatkhil, Noakhali, Bangladesh
[email protected]
Opening Date: 12 Dec, 2017
11. Dattapara Branch
Mr. Nurul Alam Mir
First Assistant Vice President
Chowdhury Bhaban (1st Floor), 549 Dattapara Road, Dattapara Bazar, Laxmipur Sadar, Laxmipur, Bangladesh
Phone: 01755-556188
[email protected]
Opening Date: 10 Dec, 2013
12. Feni Branch
Mr. Kazi Saifur Rahman
Assistant Vice President
295-2 & 202, S. S. K. Road (1st & 2nd floor), Feni Sadar, Feni.
Phone: 01755556-171,-271,0331-69021-2(PBX), 0331-73833(Direct)
Fax: 0331-73372
[email protected]
Opening Date: 28 Dec, 2011
13. Gunabati Branch
Md. Saiful Islam
Junior Assistant Vice President
Faraiji Shopping Complex (1st Floor), College Road, Gunabati, Chouddagram, Comilla, Bangladesh
Phone: 01755-556189
[email protected]
Opening Date: 11 Dec, 2013
14. Hajigonj Branch
Mr. Meah Mohammed Rafiq Chowdhury
First Assistant Vice President
Maa Mansion (1st & 2nd floor), 622 Hajigonj, Chandpur.
Phone: 01755556164, 01755556264, 0842475138, 01733107439
Fax: 0842475139
[email protected]
Opening Date: 17 Nov, 2011
15. Halishahar Branch
Mr. Omar Farooque
Sr. Assistant Vice President
Shahidullah Bhaban, 1764/1/2221 North Agrabad, Doublemuring, Chittagong
[email protected]
Opening Soon
16. Jubilee Road Branch
Mr. Md. Habibul Islam
Executive Vice President
Haque Tower (1st floor), 610/11 Jubilee Road, Chittagong
Phone: 01755556121, 01755556221, 031-2853151-2
Fax: 031-2853153
[email protected]
Opening Date: 24 Dec, 2006
17. Khatunganj Branch
Mr. Md. Nasir Uddin
Sr. Executive Vice President
398/A(1st and 2nd Floor), Khatunganj, Chittagong
Phone: 01755556107, 01755556207, 031-637256-7 , 637275
Fax: 031-637281
[email protected]
Opening Date: 09 Jul, 2002
18. Laxmipur Branch
Mr. Khandoker Humayun Kabir
Assistant Vice President
Haider Shopping Complex (2nd floor), 339 Hospital Road, Laxmipur Sadar, Laxmipur
Phone: 01755556168, 01755556268,0381-62303, 62306,62308
Fax: 0381-61360
[email protected]
Opening Date: 19 Dec, 2011
19. Mainamati Branch
Mr. Mahbubur Rahman
Assistant Vice President
A.M. Haji Market, Nishchintapur, Mainamati Cantonment, Comilla, Bangladesh
[email protected]
Opening Soon
20. Modunaghat Branch
Mr. Mohammad Jashim Uddin
First Assistant Vice President
Abul Farah Market (1st floor), Madunaghat Bazar Road, Madarsha, Hathazari, Chittagong.
Phone: 01755556-172,-272,031-2573263(D), 031-2573261-2(P)
Fax: 031-2573264
[email protected]
Opening Date: 28 Dec, 2011
21. Muradpur Branch
Mr. Md. Nawshad Abbas
Vice President
85, Muradpur, Chittagong
Phone: 01755556126, 01755556226, 031-656411,656413,656414
Fax: 031-656415
[email protected]
Opening Date: 18 Dec, 2007
22. Nazirhat Branch
Mr. Md. Rashedul Mostafa Chowdhury
Sr. Assistant Vice President
B. A. Center (1st floor), Nazirhat, Fatikchhari, Chittagong
Phone: 01755556147
[email protected]
Opening Date: 21 Dec, 2009
23. Pahartoli Branch
Mr. Masudur Rahman
Junior Assistant Vice President
Nazir Saleh Complex (1st Floor), 612/544 D. T. Road, Pahartoli, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Phone: 01755-556191
[email protected]
Opening Date: 26 Dec, 2013
24. Ramgonj Branch
Mr. Md. Bellal Hossain
First Assistant Vice President
85 Islam Plaza (1st floor), Sonapur Bazar, Ramgonj, Laksmipur
Phone: 01755556148, 01755556248, 0382-475405, 475079
Fax: 0382-475072
[email protected]
Opening Date: 24 Dec, 2009
25. WASA Moor Branch
Mr. A. T. M. Qumruddin Chowdhury
Vice President
Mim Hasnat Tower (1st floor), 88 High Level Road, Wasa Moor, Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong
Phone: 01755556173,031-633063(Dir), 031-633060-1(PABX)
Fax: 031-633062
[email protected]
Opening Date: 29 Dec, 2011
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